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Friday, August 2, 2019

Underrated '99 - James Curtiss

James is an optimist to a fault, always trying to find something worthwhile in what others have already deemed worthless. He just wants to watch movies, talk about movies, read about movies. He’s had a podcast (AT THE CHEAP SEATS), a blog (I HEART SEQUELS) and contributed the occasional piece to, Femme Fatales, Rupert Pupkin Speaks (of course) and more. You can find James here:

Who has time to read and write? Thank goodness for haikus…
1. Blast From the Past 
Manners make the man, even in a bomb shelter. Dancing Brendan wins.

2. Drop Dead Gorgeous
Mock doc slays pageants. Death and destruction abound. Surprisingly dark.

3. But I'm a Cheerleader
Gay rehab rom-com! Would now be far timelier. RuPaul out of drag!

4. Kikujiro 
No squibs in this one. Takeshi goes full Tati. Joe’s all-time best score.

5. Mifune
Dogme but don’t fret. It’s light and funny, not blunt. Special Samurai!

6. Human Traffic
Rave hedonism. Id to GROOVE’s super-ego. The profit Bill Hicks!

7. The Minus Man
Quiet, small thrill –er. Wilson kills with warmth, poison. I miss this Janeane.

8. Beyond the Mat
Jake the Snake smokes crack?!?! Wrestling’s dark side exposed. Blaustein got there first.

9. Romance
“Sex is forever”. Absence of intimacy? Revolts with her sex.

10. Taboo
Queer chanbara flick. Oshima’s last masterpiece. Great year for Beat-san!

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