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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Just The Discs - Episode 128 - Paramount Horror

On this episode, Brian explores the world of recent Paramount Home Video Horror releases - specifically PET SEMATARY (2019) (on 4K) and CRAWL (on Blu-ray). His wife Lisa joins him to talk about the new PET SEMATARY and he was even able to coax his daughter Raven to return to the show briefly to talk about CRAWL. Brian also offers potential double feature ideas for both films.

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Discs Mentioned On This Episode:

PET SEMATARY (4K) (Paramount)
Amazon Button (via

CRAWL (Paramount)
Amazon Button (via

I BURY THE LIVING (Scream Factory)
Amazon Button (via

DEATHDREAM (Blue Underground)
Amazon Button (via

LAKE PLACID (Scream Factory)
Amazon Button (via

ROGUE (Icon Productions)
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