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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Film Discoveries of 2019 - Cathie Horlick-Wilson

Cathie (Cahcat on Twitter) is a personal friend of mine and She is a dedicated movie watcher and a DARKMAN fantatic. Her love of movies knows no bounds. Do yourself a favor and go check out her lovely blog:

Also, check out a few of her previous discoveries lists:

As a new mom I haven’t done as much movie watching as I’m used to, especially true for this year, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to watch movies! As I finally had a chance to tally up my movies seen in 2019, I found I had a few more discoveries than I had originally thought. (And with limited time, my ramblings here are short and sweet.) 

My most favorite discovery was L’iceberg / THE ICEBERG from 2005. It’s a film from Belgium. Fiona manages at a fast food joint when she accidently gets locked up in the freezer overnight. (She survived the cold!) Her family (husband and two kids) didn't seem to notice she was gone and now she's had developed an obsession with cold temperatures. When Fiona has a vision to see an iceberg she leaves her family to find her desired destination. It's a genuine and quirky film with minimal dialogue. I loved every moment.

If you are looking for a Doomsday story watch ON THE BEACH (1959), based on the book written by Nevil Shute. This film is pretty great but also incredibly depressing. The world has been struck by nuclear war and only Australia is left, though their days are numbered. Anthony Perkins is a married man with a wife and new baby. He's in the Navy. As most know their days are few they live as much as they can. The theme/song Waltzing Matilda plays throughout most of the film. Gregory Peck is a Submarine commander who has lost his family but still thinks of as alive even after he’s found companionship with Ava Gardner. (Wah!!) There's so much to share with this story as the moments for hope come and go with the wind that will bring about the end. I'm sad just thinking about it. I haven't gotten a copy of the book ON THE BEACH yet but because of this movie I also discovered Nevil Shute and read two of his books which I adored. Movies and books discovery!!!

SHOOT DOWN THE SUN (1978) is a western with an awesome cast; Christopher Walken, Margot Kidder, Geoffrey Lewis to name a few. These characters all cross paths in a small town and hope to survive and come out richer. It's a slow journey but you'll soon find yourself rooting for who will win, each character gets their chances to shine. Be warned, this is a western of the sad kind.

HARRY AND WALTER GO TO NEW YORK (1978) is a funny romp. Jam”es Caan and Elliot Gould are Harry and Walter, respectively. They're a vaudeville duo and con men who are down on their luck. When they wind up in jail with Michael Caine as Adam Worth (a criminal of the famous kind who can get the run of the jail) they feel their luck has changed. Harry and Walter manage a daring escape with Adam’s bank plans which leads to a pretty solid bank heist adventure. Diane Keaton is along for the heist too and does her fair share to improve upon this con game.

OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY (1991) is a movie I recalled from the 90's but it was one I never watched. Directed by Norman Jewison and starring Danny Devito, Gregory Peck, and Penelope Ann Miller I found this one to be oh so 90’s but also sweet. Danny is, Lawrence a businessman/investor and while he kinda embodies the "Greed is Good" kinda feels he's really in it for the game which he finds fun. Lawrence sets his sights on a little mom and pop business run by Gregory Peck as Andrew Jorgenson. Jorgenson doesn’t think that Lawrence has a chance of taking the business but he does get his step-daughter lawyer Kate Sullivan (Penlope Ann Miller) to help out. The cutesy combo of Kate and Lawrence bargaining begins as the two love what they do. It’s an unusual pair, but it also works. It builds up to a pair of monologue moments from Jorgenson and Lawrence, which is the oh so 90’s moment. I really did find it charming.

5 Film discoveries is better than no discoveries and I’m glad I can share them!

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